In spring 2020 OW launched its first sustainable and recycled swimwear collection with UV50 protection, making it a garment that respects both your body and the environment. We are now working on making the rest of our collections more sustainable with sustainable qualities and organic fabrics. Our cotton pieces are 100% organic, meaning it's grown without chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers. It also emits up to 46% less greenhouse gases than non-organic cotton. We believe in sustainable fashion and our ambition is to do our part. We strive to produce close to where the product is sold, it is very important to us that our work environment meet international standards and we care about where and how the fabric, accessories are made and the shipping of the product. 100% of our shipping bags are made from recycled plastic and we ship with FSC certified shipping boxes. 


OW is not a fast fashion brand. Although fast fashion might make shopping for clothes more affordable, it comes at an environmental and even social cost. The fashion industry is amongst the leading industries that affect the environment in a negative way. We should keep in mind that fast fashion does not only have negative environmental impacts; after water pollution, land usage, textile waste and using toxic chemicals, fashion industry has been criticized for its negative social impacts against many sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda including decent work, economic growth, gender equality and reduced inequalities. We will never compromise when it comes to qualities and socially responsible methods for producing our collection. We want only the best for our customers and the environment.