Are you going to have a real hot girl summer, where you are going to look totally sharp with your hair and makeup set, so when you sneak down in a cute little tie back dress from OW Collection, you are totally irresistible? We certainly dream about it and we've lived it too.

A tie back dress certainly doesn't have to be just for summer wear. You can also wear it in all other seasons, styling it with a pair of nylon stockings, a pair of cute booties and a stylish handbag or cross body bag. You can even add a mesh top or turtleneck jersey underneath for a classic Scandinavian or Parisian look.


For summer parties you can slip into a mini tie back dress and a pair of cute sandals, or you can go for a more elegant look with an open back or halter neck slip dress and a pair of stylish heels. With your hair in a natural messy bun and chic earrings, you'll look absolutely stunning.

When the weather changes and it gets colder outside, throw a stylish blazer over your tie back dress and take it off when you get there - or keep it on if you feel like it. There are multitude of ways to style your tie back dress so you can wear it all year round. We're all about reusing clothes, which is why we make all our tie back dresses to the highest quality, so you can wear it again and again.

With our timeless design and choice of quality materials, we ensure you can bring out the best in yourself when you dress in a tie back dress from our collection. That's why you'll also find several styles with tie backs on an open back, with halter necks and as slip dresses. We have something for every taste and every type of body.


When you go on holiday in the south or on a trip abroad to a warm, tropical place, your tie back dress from OW Collection is a must. That's why we also have several different styles you can bring with you on your holiday and even to the big city.

For the sunny holiday we have a selection of mini dresses so you can get a tan while you go exploring the city. With a halter neck you also have the opportunity to get sun on your shoulders, so they are beautiful golden brown when you get home from holiday. There are plenty of options, so why not grab them? OW Collection gives you the opportunity.

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