Planning a night out with the girls and want your dress to be all black and sheer? At OW Collection you'll find a wide range of sexy and elegant dresses that you can style with the right jewellery, your hair done just right and a pair of killer heels.

Among our many favourites you'll find both a long, black mesh dress that you can wear when you want to accentuate your beautiful curves in the dress. You can also go for a black mesh mini dress to show off a little more, but also create a sexy look that can take any party by storm.


At OW Collection we love a stunning black mesh dress with sleeves. The sleeves can be both long and short, and if they're also made in sheer fabric, even better. In fact, they help give your arms a long, beautiful silhouette that highlights all the good things about both you and the dress. Together, you'll be the life of the party and the best dressed of all.

In our collection you will find dresses with long sleeves made of mesh material as well as short sleeves that will contrast with the mesh black dress. Whether you choose a maxi or a mini dress, long sleeves will help create a more elegant look, allowing you to take advantage of the length of the sleeves in your look.

With long sleeves on a black mini mesh dress, you will appear less bare and you can create a look that is more luxurious and sexy than it is revealing. Even if the material itself is. However, this does not mean that you must choose a long sleeve. On the contrary. You can also choose a black mesh dress without sleeves. This will allow you to show off your beautiful arms and often also your stunning collarbones.


With the help of sheer fabric, you can accentuate your beautiful curves to look even sexier. Mesh has the wonderful feature of helping to highlight, even as it also covers. Therefore, you get a classy look even if you show off under the mini black dress.

Women are blessed with beautiful shapes, so why not accentuate them and embrace them? This black mesh can do and therefore this is also a go-to in every wardrobe. If you don't already have a black mesh mini or maxi dress at home, either long sleeve or without sleeves, then it's time for you to find the right one. At OW Collection we offer you the opportunity to find it.

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