Founded in November 2016 by creative director Sonja Davidsen, originally from the Faroe Islands in the Northern Atlantic, OW has rapidly established itself as a leading fashion destination, renowned for its specialization in high-end partywear and outerwear. Our brand resonates with the spirit of the modern global adventurer, seamlessly blending luxurious vegan, cruelty-free outerwear with chic and unforgettable occasion wear. Our meticulous in-house design process, where every fabric and trim is thoughtfully sourced and crafted with the industry’s finest Japanese technology, reflects our commitment to style, functionality, and sophistication.

Further enhancing our range, OW's extensive background in intimates informs our expertise in creating perfectly fitted, tight bodysuits and dresses. This unique knowledge ensures that each piece not only exudes style and sophistication but also offers an impeccable fit, making every wearer feel confidently beautiful.

At OW, the fusion of Copenhagen minimalism and LA maximalism in our designs embodies both current trends and timeless appeal, tailored for the style-conscious woman. Each garment is a narrative of elegance, designed to make a statement at glamorous parties, romantic dinners, or during stylish travels.

Join a community that celebrates the fusion of adventure, style, and compassionate fashion. Discover your ideal travel companion in our collection and embark on a journey with OW. Each piece in our collection is not just a garment, but a narrative of elegance and empowerment.

Experience OW – where fashion is not just a choice, but a journey, with each item telling its own unique story.