There's a casual short white mini dress for any taste. Are you looking for a petit summer model? Then you can find lots of variants at OW Collection that goes perfectly for a nice summer evening. With these models you show more skin and these typically have bare sleeves, so you won't be feeling sweaty.

You can also find these types of dresses with long sleeves. These models can of course also be worn in the summer, but they are especially nice to wear on a cold evening.

Among the selection of a casual short white mini dress you will also find lots of models with long sleeves. Long sleeved dresses create a sexy and relaxed look in your outfit. At OW Collection you can also find a casual short white mini dress with fringe sleeves. Fringes add a sexy detail to any outfit and are a great addition to any dress.


Are you the lucky owner of a casual short white mini dress? There are countless ways you can style this amazing dress.

If it's no longer summer and the weather is getting colder, you could for example, style it with a pair of boots and a leather jacket; this will create a more raw detail to an otherwise feminine look. You can also put a cute and soft cardigan over your casual short white mini dress. A cardigan is also perfect for a late summer evening if it gets a little too cold.

Try to style the dress with jewellery or a jacket in an eye-catching colour to pimp up the outfit.

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